Finding My Signature Scent

Versace Bright Crystal Perfume


I remember being in college and reading in some magazine (probably as a way of avoiding my schoolwork) about why every woman should have a "signature scent". At the time I hadn't given much thought to fragrances and generally relied on my deodorant and a quick splash of body spray when I remembered to enhance my "aroma". Immediately after reading the article I became fixated on finding a perfume that I could "call my own". Turning to my mother because college budgets are real, I gave her a long list of expensive perfumes and asked if I could have one for my birthday. Being my mother she said sure, and instead proceeded to give me a perfume that was not on the list but that she felt had a much better scent than the ones I had listed out. Happy to have any designer perfume at all, I started to add it into my daily routine. The routine of my mom giving me random perfumes and me wearing them was my only experience with perfume until my early 20's. I passed by a duty-free shop on my way home from an international flight and succumbed to the allure of a new fragrance from my celebrity spirit-animal/girl-crush Rihanna. Despite being a celebrity-branded perfume it actually smelled really good and was my first perfume fragrance of my own. I similarly discovered what ultimately became my "signature scent" in another Airport duty-free shop. I happened to be killing time before my flight in the makeup aisle on the release day of Giorgio Armani's "Si”. Fast forward over four years later and this is still the fragrance I wear almost every single day.

Earlier this month I ran out of my favorite fragrance and instead of running to order another bottle online, I decided to test out a few new scents. Since Sephora inside JCPenney is basically my home away from home, I naturally decided to head there for my purchase. I got a new rollerball fragrance of Versace Bright Crystal and fell in love, so when the opportunity to partner with Sephora inside JCPenney came up I jumped at the chance. I'm teaming up with Sephora inside @JCPenney to give one lucky reader a $100 gift card, just in time to buy a new fragrance for Valentine's Day.To enter, make sure you are following and comment below with the name of your favorite fragrance or one you would like to try. Giveaway rules: Limited to the US only. 

This post was written in collaboration with Sephora inside JCPenney. #SephoraInJCP